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If you are looking to make a good income from renting out you should be interested in using more than one channel and websites as it gives you free marketing. As long as it does not cost money to publish on certain sites, we recommend you to use all available websites. Even though there are a few big ones at the top, you have to realize that your clients will likely come from all over the world and perhaps if one site has a bad reputation in one country, using smaller sites you will attract more guests that means more profit. More on the reasons why in our videos.

Here are the top candidates to sign up for*.


Airbnb is the pioneer and the big site that you should be using and is likely to give you the most amount of clients anywhere in the world. This does not necessarily mean the biggest payment and current they charge clients 15% and hosts 3% making their commission 18%. Either way, 18% of 100 000$ and 82% to you is a lot better than 100% for you of 0%. It is our deep conviction that using Airbnb vs long term rental will at least give you double of that commission so it is still worth to have but you should definetly compliment with other websites.

If you would consider signing up via this link

it would be greatly appreciated and usually gives you a starting bonus (depends on Airbnb and not us!) and would help us.

They recently started allowing private apartment rentals just as Airbnb after previously only being hotels and hostels. This is another huge site that is a must to sign up. A contact of ours using several houses and apartments for short term rental stopped using Airbnb and only as he had better experience that way. They use a different format, currently charging the host 10% the commission but this is a great way to show hotels and apartments side by side rather than Airbnb that does not tap into the same type of clientel. To sign up via, click this link*.

It is our strong advice to use at least and Airbnb to get high traffic but do not discourage using smaller sites as they bring another clientel and perhaps a few of them might allow you to charge higher pricing as well. For a listing it would be quite easy to manage two calendars manually if so is desired while if you have more than 2 it might be a bit too time consuming to keep all your calendars synchronized.

*OBS: Please note that this page will contain links that helps us develop the content. These links will not cost you anything and more importantly, we will never promote one site over the other due to who pays us the most like it is typical for a lot of sites.

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