Introduction to short term rental (list)

This series is a perfect beginners guide on how to get started with your airbnb listing. It starts out covering on how to get started but also integrates tips and advice on how to avoid the common mistakes people do. Creating a passive income by using sites as Airbnb is not hard but requires a good system as inefficient and uneconomical administration lowers your profit, makes your guests less happy and more importantly, it creates extra unneccessary work.

This initial video tutorials contains the following videos and topics totalling 30 videos of a total of 35 hours. Click on any link to get you specifically to that video.

  1. Introduction to short term rental hosting (FREE, x minutes)
  2. Why shortterm rental is better than longterm rental. (FREE: 5 minutes (Period. No buts)
  3. Adjust your rental to what suits you and your life. Defining the work load and important considerations. (50 minutes)
  4. Tips on choosing images for your listing and rearranging this space (65 minuts)
  5. Setting price and open up calendar on Airbnb How to use the calendar to your comfort, minimum amount of days and how to optimise pricing  (35 minutes)
  6. (Optional) Renovating your space to rent out
  7. Doing the checkin – How to greet the guests
  8. Outsourcing all or parts of works to others
  9. Flexibility of calendar days (show options)
  10. Setting up a multi channel booking system using several sites to maximize income and exposure
  11. Avoiding trouble groups and damages. Deal with damages.
  12. Typical fears – what if they break your apartment?
  13. Optimising on pricing calendar
  14. What to do or not. Wine, gifts, breakfast. Chocolate. Items like key locks.
  15. Choosing checkin and checkout times
  16. Morals on airbnb – Am I doing something good?
  17. Choosing location based on profitability
  18. Typical doubts and questions regarding shortterm rentals
  19. Setting up your own personal website
  20. Clear communication – Communicate well to cover all types of guests and avoid more work.

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